What to Expect When Working with Commercial Production Companies

What to Expect When Working with Commercial Production Companies

The point of a good TV commercial isn’t to just reach audiences, it’s to leave a lasting impression that helps to build up brand recognition. Think about some of the better commercials you’ve seen recently.

What makes them so good? It’s probably two things – the production value and the actual content. But because they are so good, you not only remember the commercial, but you also remember the company and all the details included.

In order for your TV commercials to have such an impact on audiences, you’ll want to work with commercial production companies. The following are a few facets of commercial production that a commercial production company could provide a substantial amount of professional help and expertise with.

commercial production companiesThe Planning Stages

The planning stages of your commercial TV production are crucial. If you don’t plan everything down to the last detail, you could end up paying for it later.

Not only could it cause your commercial’s production value and content to suffer, but a lack of planning could cause you to far exceed your original budget. Commercial production companies will assist you with two of the most important parts of production for commercials – the script and its shots.

The Commercial’s Script

A good commercial production company will develop a script based on your ideas and needs. They’ll help craft your message in the way you want to deliver it. Their job is to make sure the structure of the script is effective so that the message has an impact.

They’ll also follow your specific guidelines, such as the tone of the commercial, critical points to be mentioned, the length and more. They will develop numerous drafts to reach your approval and proceed to the next step.

The Commercial’s Shots

Planning the shots of the commercial beforehand is important as it helps determine what equipment will be needed and ensures that the actual production goes smoothly. Without a shot list or storyboard, it will take longer to film the commercial and you may end up missing shots.

You might also end up with shots that don’t edit together smoothly. A production company will work closely with you to understand what you do and do not want in the shots.

For example, if you’re advertising a new model car, you may want close-up shots of your car logo and of its new features. But you obviously wouldn’t want the cars of competitors to appear in the background if you’re capturing shots of your car driving on public roads. They will make sure to strategize accordingly.

Staying on Schedule

In many cases, you’ll need to have a commercial done in time to air before a certain date. Maybe you want to run a TV commercial that builds up anticipation for a product release, or maybe you want to advertise a sale for a specific date.

Commercial production companies will keep your deadlines in mind when planning your commercial to ensure that it’s finished in time. They have the experience and expertise to understand how long the production process will take and how various factors can affect your timeline.

This will allow them to give you a timeline of how long it will take to produce your commercial – and also provide you with expertise so you don’t run into production troubles along the way.

commercial production companiesRemaining Within Your Budget

Most companies don’t have an unlimited budget to work with. Commercial production companies should be flexible in their methods, allowing them to work within the confines of your particular budget.

Because of their experience, they’ll be able to identify the costs of a project during the conception stage. This means that when you’re throwing ideas around for your commercial, they’ll be able to point out whether they’ll be possible based on your budget.

If you attempt to produce a TV commercial on your own, you’ll have difficulties pinpointing what the budget of the production will be during the planning stages. This could lead to your production going way over budget – or even worse, running out of money before the commercial is finished.

The Editing Process

The editing process is made up of numerous steps. The editor will have to look through all of the footage that has been shot, then label and organize it.

The editor will then create a first cut, in which the footage is cut together according to the script and plan, to create as close to a final product. Once the assembly cut has been created, you’ll get a chance to watch it and discuss your feedback with the editor.

The editor can then present different options to help perfect and optimize your edit. For example, there may be two different angles available of a certain shot that you can choose from. Your notes and feedback will be used to fine tune the cut.

commercial production companiesProfessional Input

For the most part, you’ll be heavily involved with the creative process in pre-production and post-production. The commercial production company will do all things necessary during the actual production of the commercial.

However, during pre-production and post-production, they will guide you through the process, providing their professional input. This will include different ideas to give you more options and advice to ensure you make the right choices.

TV commercials may only be 30 to 60 seconds in length, but they take a lot of effort and resources to create. Commercial production companies will help guide you through the production process and will help deliver a professional, high quality TV commercial on time and within your budget.
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