4 At-Home Filming Tricks for Creative Video Productions

4 At-Home Filming Tricks for Creative Video Productions

One of the great things about producing video content is that it allows for the use of creativity. In fact, it often demands it. Some of the world’s best filmmakers have managed to stretch a small budget to make a final product look like it was made for ten times the amount, all thanks to creativity.

No matter what the budget you may be working with is, producing creative video productions can be achieved. The following are four tricks that you can use for your company’s creative video productions:

1. Creating moving shots that are steady

At the very least, every video production needs a camera and a tripod. These two tools allow you to film (of course!) but also to keep the camera steady – which is a detail that can help contributes to a professional look in video.

While there’s nothing wrong with just using static shots or introducing movement through the use of pans and tilts, your video content can gain a more dynamic quality if the camera moves throughout the scene smoothly, without bumping or shaking. The way most professional video productions obtain steady moving shots is by using a dolly, slider, or steadicam.

This kind of equipment can be expensive, and for the best results it typically requires a professional operator that knows how to use it to it’s fullest ability. You can attempt to achieve this type of shot in a DIY manner (without professional stabilizing equipment), by bracing the camera firmly, and shifting your center of gravity so that it does not affect your arms when walking or moving.

Creative Video Productions2. Create tracking shots

There’s a pretty big difference between a smooth shot that follows behind a subject and a tracking shot. Tracking shots are usually performed on dollies, which use what basically looks like a segment of railroad tracks to move the camera from one position to another.

As you can imagine, this is also an expensive piece of equipment that can require an experienced camera operator. If you’re filming outdoors, you can get a similar tracking shot effect without the use of a dolly by using a car – either the bed of a pickup or out the window of a regular car. You will however want to account for potential bumps in the road, as well as the noise the car makes, as well as other uncontrollable outdoor sounds.

3. Lighting your shots

Video productions should always be properly lit, and lighting is an area where creativity can be put to good use! Videos that are not lit enough or properly can read as looking amateur.

Even if being viewed by a non-expert, there is something innate that gets picked up on. If the subject on camera is too dark or too bright, or there isn’t much depth in their faces, it can cause a viewer to be become disinterested or feel that there is something odd about what they are looking at.

Most lighting kits contain several types of lights that can be used in different ways: some are for background lighting, some for foreground and some for filling in-between areas. Lights are arranged using different size stands, but also “barn doors” which are the adjustable flaps that cover the lights and help adjust the beam intensity or spread.

Video production crews can also make use of screens, filters, gels, or reflectors to create just the right look. There are a lot of creative options for lighting that can give your creative video production it’s own unique or authentic feel.

Creative Video Productions4. Creative locations and props

Even if you are filming a simple talking head video, the placement of the subject and the surroundings they are in are important to consider. This is a great place to apply a little creativity that can go a long way.

For example, let’s say you are an interior designer and you want to film a basic testimonial video featuring a client of yours. If you’re looking to attract high-end clientele with fine taste, you’ll want to select a client who looks the part, and film them in a home you designed.

You’ll want to make sure that the items in the background of your video reflect the qualities you feel proud showing. You’ll also want to avoid over-doing the background and props. You want them to be present, and balance out the look of what’s in frame, but you don’t want them to distract the viewer from the core message.

These are four tips that you can use for your creative video productions. While they are somewhat simple, the do also take some experience and expertise in these areas. While they can be utilized to a fuller extent without much stress on your financial budget, if you’re not experienced in applying them they could tax your time investment.

By working with a professional video production company to make your creative video productions, you’re more likely to have access to professional grade equipment and the expertise that can help you get the most out of these creative details.

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