10 Impressive Examples of Online Video Production in the Financial Services Industry

10 Impressive Examples of Online Video Production in the Financial Services Industry

Video marketing has become an extremely effective strategy for the financial services industry. If your financial service company isn’t taking advantage of online video production, then there’s a chance you may fall behind the competition in regards to marketing success.

The following are ten successful examples of online video production within the financial services industry that you should use as inspiration for your own online video production efforts:

1. American Express

One thing American Express does extremely well is telling a story. Storytelling is the best way to engage an audience, and American Express does this via their case studies.

An example of their case studies are their videos that showcase small business owners and how American Express has helped them. Not only do these videos tell a story, they make American Express more relatable to audiences by connecting them on a more personal level.


2. Aberdeen Asset Management

For a great example of how financial service content can be made entertaining and easy to swallow, look no further than Aberdeen Asset Management.

Their YouTube page is filled with videos that range from 30 seconds to a few minutes long, but their most effective videos are a couple of series entitled Seven Deadly Sins of Multi-Asset Investing and Ten Golden Rules of Equity Investing.

These two series of videos consist of 30-second animations that focus on a conveying a single tip concerning the subject matter. By relaying this information through video, it becomes more exciting and easy to digest.

3. Schroders

Schroders is an asset management company whose videos provide easy to digest information concerning investment insight and outlook. However, what they do particularly well is showcasing their company culture and the people that work for them.

Not only does this make them more relatable, but it shows that they care about the people that work for them; and, if they care this much for their employees, why wouldn’t they care that much for their clients?

4. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is an excellent example for how to discuss complicated subjects targeted at a sophisticated, professional audience. It can be difficult to create videos like these without making them boring.

Goldman Sachs combines a variety of techniques in their videos to make them more entertaining and that convey their information more effectively. For example, a video showing a person talking about the subject at hand is complemented with motion graphics to highlight important details.

5. Prudential

Insurance is another topic that typically involves a lot of information that may not be the most exciting or can be challenging for people to retain. To get around this, Prudential uses storytelling to help engage its audience.

For example, to push the importance of saving for retirement, they have a series of case studies that focus on individuals and interesting things that they are doing during their retirement – made possible by having saved for it.

Audiences can relate to working hard and wanting to have the time to spend on certain hobbies or dreams, and Prudential capitalizes on this by focusing on stories that show what your life could be like if you used their services.

6. M&G

Although M&G has plenty of videos that provide investment tips and information, they also have a series of videos focusing on events that they’ve sponsored, such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, along with videos focusing on employees that have given back to the community.

This helps give M&G a more-relatable personality and makes their brand come to life. These types of videos are more engaging, and help build trust and confidence among its viewers.

7. Barclays

Barclays has a series of videos called the LifeSkills series. These videos provide tips to younger individuals on gaining employment.

The videos are short making them easy to digest, and provide clear and helpful tips that are delivered by younger individuals as well. This helps make the videos more relatable to younger audiences.


8. PwC

PwC focuses on creating videos that answer common questions that their target audience may be searching for. For example, they have a Business Imperatives series in which experts answer big picture questions regarding business ownership and management.

These often include how to transform human capital or how to encourage innovation. These videos are made engaging by combining talking head segments with their experts along with beautifully shot stock footage that breaks up any visual monotony.


9. Legal and General

Legal and General are a great example on how to build trust with your audience. Their videos are all about transparency that give viewers a good idea of who they are as a business.

This includes series of videos called Who We Are and What We Do, which include videos on mental health in the workplace and their CSR report. By being transparent, they stand out from the crowd and become a more trusted brand.


10. Fidelity

Fidelity has a number of videos that focus on one person (or a group of people) asking the advice of an expert. The video series is called Split Decisions and explores different options that could affect the future of viewers, such as buying or renting, saving or investing and more.

The videos are effective because instead of having the expert simply provide the viewer with information, they have the expert speak to someone that stands out for the audience, creating a more dynamic conversation that’s easier to follow.


These are ten successful examples of online video production by businesses within the financial services industry. As financial services companies continue to leverage video production, it’s important to understand how and why they are successful.

To get the most out of any online video production, you should seek the professional assistance of a video production company. A video production company will help ensure high production value, help create videos that effectively get your message across to your viewers and help you achieve any marketing goals you may have.

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