Featured Client: Trade Show Video Production for Anton Bauer

Featured Client: Trade Show Video Production for Anton Bauer

Video continues to be one of the best ways to attract, engage and inform people at trade show events.  It can be used to create teasers and trailers, inviting attendees to visit you at your booth, demonstration or appearance.

It can make a live presentation, panel or special event much more visually engaging and impactful. And, it can be used as a spectacular follow-up piece of content to touch your contacts, clients and new leads in a unique or exciting way.

Check out this video we produced for Anton Bauer batteries:

Trade Show Video Best Practices

Video is key to creating a booth presence that attracts attention, but also holds it by sharing new visuals and pieces of information people can easily take in as they browse your booth or exhibit area. In this setting a long video that loops can be quite useful. This gives your sales team a vibrant backdrop and ongoing reveal of selling points to address to booth visitors and potential clients.

A video used at your booth should be seen as a compliment and support to your sales team and your real-life samples or product displays. Here are some quick best practices for your trade show video content:

  1. Ensure your visuals are high-quality, and change up every few seconds to capture viewer attention and hold it!
  2. Your video should be “audio-optional”, including sound like a music track that sets a nice tone for your brand and booth, but also including on-screen text that can call out important points should the trade show be too noisy for anything to be heard.
  3. Ensure any visual text or important shots are clearly visible, especially considering the size, height and visibility of your live display.
  4. It’s ok if this video is lengthy, and it should definitely loop so your screen is never blank.

You can also utilize your footage in a much shorter edit that can be used as a follow-up touch or can be shared on social media.  A professional video production team can capture high-quality footage of your products and create any number of different pieces of video content to help promote your event or nurture leads.

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