Video Gear Review: 5 Great Things About Titon Batteries by Anton Bauer

Video Gear Review: 5 Great Things About Titon Batteries by Anton Bauer

Here at Grey Sky Films, we use many different types of equipment to perform expert video production services for our clients. We’re always trying new video gear items, like tools, techniques, hardware, software, apps and services. We’re always in search of items that make our videos better, and make our lives easier throughout the video production process. 

We’ve taken a strong liking to Titon Batteries by Anton Bauer because they’ve proven to deliver multiple benefits to our crew.  They enable us to have a reliable mobile power source, and this is valuable to us us for many reasons.

Check out our newest video gear review to learn 5 Great Things about Anton Bauer’s Titon Batteries.

Video Gear

1. They’re Easy to Use

We use the Titon batteries in conjunction with several pieces of video gear, including our Litepanels LED lighting system. Setup is simple: you just pop the battery directly onto the Lightpanels and you’re ready to go.

These batteries are easy to install and have a simple LCD screen that shows remaining battery-life time at a glance.

Video Gear 3

2. They’re Reliable

We use the Titon batteries to power cameras, portable HD monitors and other pieces of video gear. The Anton Bauer batteries are a super reliable, mobile power source. They last all day, eliminating the need to swap batteries multiple times.

They’re also rugged and durable and continue to perform time and time again despite the normal wear and tear of a busy production shoot.

video gear

3. They’re Convenient

They’re super quick to set up and move.  During production we frequently move our video gear around and set up for different shots in different locations. Using Titon batteries by Anton Bauer allows us to set up, take down, and move between multiple locations within a short amount of time.

Titon batteries by Anton Bauer also integrate with our existing kit seamlessly; We have not had to retro-fit our cases or equipment.

video gear

4. They’re Safe and Tidy

Because the Titon batteries mount directly to the backs of the Lightpanels and other pieces of equipment, they eliminate the need for extension cords. This helps us eliminate tripping hazards and keep a neater, safer set. They also eliminate the need for our crew to locate power outlets, trust in the outlets’ condition or worry about wattage limitations.

video gear

5. We Travel, They Go With Us

We often film in remote locations and the Titon batteries make it possible for us to transport and activate lighting and monitors in spaces where it might otherwise be difficult or impossible.  The batteries also withstand extreme heat and cold, which is an added benefit.

The Titon batteries by Anton Bauer have been a proven asset to our productions, allowing us to focus on the job at hand and eliminate common stresses of a busy production environment. Likewise, when we rent out gear to other video production professionals, we know we’re renting them quality gear they can rely on for their NYC area shoots.

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