How to Use Digital Bio Videos to Introduce Your Team

How to Use Digital Bio Videos to Introduce Your Team

Connecting with your audience on a personal level is important for so many reasons, especially now that a lot of business is conducted across digital platforms like websites, e-commerce sites and apps. Connecting on a personal level is crucial to businesses large and small.

For example, a business that revolves around an individual, such as a lawyer, doctor, therapist, even a pet sitter, will often be evaluated based on sheer personal connection. Likewise, a large company can benefit from revealing the personalities behind their brand.

This can help both professional services providers and larger companies earn the trust of their prospective customers. An effective way to make a personal connection with your audience is to introduce them to the person or people behind your business or brand using digital bio videos.

What Are Digital Bio Videos?

A digital bio video is a short video introducing audiences to one person or members of a team. It’s a great way to put a face to your company, thereby making your brand more relatable.

Your digital bio videos should include basic information about the individual that you are showcasing, such as their name, position, and what they do; but, you’ll also want the person to speak on their experience or their passions as they relate to the business.

digital bio videosHow to Create Effective Digital Bio Videos

First of all, as simple as a digital bio video might seem, just placing someone in front of the camera and having them talk isn’t going to cut it. Production value matters whether you’re creating a product demo or a bio video.

Because of this, it’s wise to use a professional video production company – even for your digital bio videos. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your bio videos:

Makeup and clothing

You’ll want to present your team members in the best possible light, which means ensuring that that they wear clothing that reflects positively on them and your company.

You’ll want to make sure they shows up well on camera (so avoid red thin-striped shirts or other clothing with busy patterns), and if they’re being filmed on green-screen that they avoid wearing green.

Makeup is necessary for both men and women as well to help reduce shine and even out skin tone. Having professional makeup and wardrobe stylists on set is always a beneficial addition to the crew.

Keep it short

Bio videos should be ideally less than 90 seconds to two minutes in length. They should be long enough to give viewers a sense of personality, but end leaving viewers wanting more.

Choose the location carefully

If you’re allowing your subject to speak to the camera, choose your location carefully. Having them stand in a parking lot outside of your company property doesn’t make for a very visually interesting location. Choose settings and background props that reflect the personality of the individual.

Light your subject

Proper lighting makes all the difference in the world, and you want your team members to look as good as possible on camera!

Sound is important

A professional video production company will use booms, lavaliers or other mic’s to ensure the vocals are picked up crisp and clear. If your subject is difficult to understand, the viewer is most likely not going to finish watching the video.

Consider a mix of footage

While having them speak to the camera as a way to introduce themselves is fine, staying with the same shot for the entirety of the video is going to be boring. Consider mixing this footage with footage of them working within their environment. This behind the scenes footage will be much more interesting to your viewers.

Add text in post

Use text to display each team member’s name and position as well as additional information that you think is necessary.

digital bio videos

5 Ways To Use Your Digital Bio Videos

The following are five different ways that you can use your digital bio videos to provide your audience with a more intimate look into the personalities behind your brand and within your company:

1. Via your About Us Page

Every company has an “About Us” page on their website (at least they should). While this is typically about your company as a whole, you can still add links to the page that directs visitors to individual bio pages that contain your digital bio videos.

2. A Meet The Team Page

Instead of using your About Us page, you could create a separate “Meet the Team” page to showcase the team members of your company.

3. Employee of the Month Notifications

If you have an employee of the month program, then you can create digital bio videos of your employees of the month to display on your website or to post on social media as a way to provide them with some recognition for their achievement.

4. Meet the Team Newsletters

Your digital bio videos are an excellent way to provide leads that have subscribed to your email newsletter with a more intimate look inside your company. By giving them a chance to view some of the personalities within your company, they’ll be easier to nurture.

5. Team Member Spotlight Blog Posts

Every once in a while, it’s worth creating a new blog post about one of your team members – especially if they’ve recently achieved something great within your company, such as winning an industry award. You can embed the video into the blog post to accompany the copy you’ve written.

As you can see, creating digital bio videos is a great way to not only showcase some of the people behind your company but also to help make your brand more relatable to consumers. This video content can be also used in so many ways, which can be an added benefit toward your website’s SEO or your social presence.
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