20 Ways Video Production Companies Can Help Market Your Event

20 Ways Video Production Companies Can Help Market Your Event

Video production companies can be a great help if you’re planning on holding or taking part in an event. You can leverage video as a way to raise awareness around the event as well as convince influencers to speak and consumers to attend. Exposure of your event can even be shared after it has occurred by revealing valuable video content that was filmed during the event.

It doesn’t matter whether you simply have a booth set up at a trade show, you’re headlining a conference, you’re celebrating a special milestone or you are unveiling a product launch, good video production companies will be able to turn the event into valuable video content that can be used for promotion or engagement. The following are 20 different types of content that video production companies can produce to help market your event:

1. Event announcement videos

A short video announcing the date of the event can help kick start awareness.

2. Teaser videos

Build up anticipation by producing short teaser videos that consist of a variety of footage, such as scenes from previous events as well as behind-the-scenes clips for the setup of the current event.

3. Speaker promotion videos

A short video that promotes all of the speakers currently lined up for your event, or the achievements of a key speaker.

4. Speaker introductions or bio videos

They can help you to inform your audience about any speakers that will be at the event by producing short introductions or bios about them.

5. Host or emcee bio videos

Filming short interviews with hosts or special emcee’s can build up anticipation and further promote the event.

6. Partner and sponsor promotional videos

Videos that promote your partners or sponsors can help to widen your audience (as those very partners and sponsors are likely to share them on their social media pages) or boost interest among your own audience members.

7. Interviews with previous attendants

Promote the event by filming short interviews with people who have attended past events and the great experiences they’ve had.

8. Interviews with current attendants

Interview a select group of people that are planning to attend your upcoming event and ask them why they are attending and what they are looking forward to most.

9. Behind-the-scenes videos

A video of your booth being set up at a trade show or of the stage being set up for speakers can help get attendants excited for the event.

10. Videos detailing the event’s history

An informative video about the history of the event can help establish the event as an important one worth attending.

11. Videos about the city the event is held in

Generate attendee excitement by highlighting some of the things that they can do in the city while they are there for the event.

12. Videos about the actual location of the event

If the event is going to be held in a famous location (Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, for example), then it’s worth doing a short video about that location and the added benefits of being there.

13. Video tips for attending the event

Provide valuable tips to attendants that have never been to one of your events before. These tips can include how to prepare, what to expect and how to navigate the event (especially helpful if the event is a trade show).

14. Announcement teasers

If you’re planning a product launch at the event, then short videos that tease the announcement without stating what the new product will be can generate curiosity and buzz.

15. Contest promotion videos

Contest promotion videos are an excellent way to increase awareness for an event. For example, if you’re planning to hold a raffle at your trade show booth, announce it early with a video!

16. A video of the entire event

Film an entire event and posted it to your website after the event is over. You can allow people to view the event for free or require them to opt-in to your email list in return for access.

17. Videos of entire guest talks

Another option is to release a series of videos for each separate speaker as content that you can post to your website or social media pages.

18. Event highlight video

Video production companies can cut together all of the footage that they filmed prior to and during the event and create an entertaining sizzle reel that shows all of the highlights, snippets of interviews, b-roll, trade show booth activity and more.

19. Testimonials

A montage full of testimonials about the event can be produced following the event featuring snippets from event attendants, speakers, sponsors and business partners.

20. A Thank You video

Once the event has ended, send out a video that thanks speakers, partners, sponsors and attendees.

Attending, sponsoring or speaking at a key event gives you a grand opportunity to capture and create content to market yourself or your company.  Video production companies can help you create various pieces of content that help you make the most of your professional engagements, enhancing brand image and stimulating engagement with your audience!

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