5 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Video Production

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production doesn’t have to be boring; read on to learn 5 ways to spice up your corporate video production.

All businesses have a use for corporate video production services because creating video content on a regular basis is a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy.  Today, video is essential to engage your target audience on your website and social media channels. And did you know that you can also use video content for product launches, presentations, recruitment, and more?

Corporate video production refers to video content that’s on-brand, professionally appealing, appropriate, and resonates with prospective customers or the professional community.

One worry some businesses have when it comes to corporate video production projects is the fear that the content will be stiff, boring, or ordinary.  However, investing in video content allows you to play with many visual and creative techniques to enhance the core information of your content to ensure that it’s engaging and impactful.

Here are 5 ways a video production agency can spice up your next corporate video production:

1. Use Creative Filming Techniques

Using a variety of filming equipment and techniques can add movement and style to your video, which helps keep viewers engaged. You can also use these creative decisions to establish or elevate your brand’s visual style.

Your video production team can make use of multiple camera angles and a variety of equipment, such as special lenses, sliders, and jib-arms to capture footage more creatively.

2. Use Drones

Drones have recently gained popularity, both with video production teams and with viewers. Drones can be ideal for capturing a bird’s-eye view of an event or venue; a new store, branch or office location; or an eye-catching property that relates to your business. Often, changing up the speed of drone footage during the editing stage can create a very impactful, invigorating, or motivational visual effect.

3. Creative Editing Services

Post-production is the part of the video process that merges footage with stylistic elements such as pacing, animation, photos, transitions, color or stylistic applications (like “filters”), audio and/or music, and on-screen text. Experienced editors can also help decide which creative options will work best with your footage to convey your message to appeal to your target audience. Investing in professional video production services, which typically include editing services can ensure your video realizes its full potential.

4. Leverage Your Footage for Micro-Content Edits

Micro-content edits, or excerpts of your video content, can increase audience engagement. Micro-content edits should be between 15-30 seconds long. This does not mean that you’ll only be producing 15- or 30-second videos, rather these edits should be created in addition to your main video content.

Micro-content can be used to:

  • Tease public interest in an upcoming or annual event.
  • Entice viewers to click through to watch a longer video.
  • Send to event attendees as follow-up content.
  • Submit to media and industry publications as video press releases.

You can also use your micro-content on social media as well as part of larger video marketing strategies.

5. Develop a Creative Strategy

A video production agency can help you strategize the creative direction for your video content and can ensure any video content you produce fits within existing overarching marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of ways to spice up your corporate video production and to keep your content looking fresh and modern while appealing to your target audience.

Need Help Spicing Up Your Corporate Video Production?

A professional video production agency can help you plan for your next corporate video production, and help you find ways to spice up your videos for the greatest impact possible while working within the constraints of your brand guidelines and budget. Contact us today to get a quote for your next video!

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