5 Things Video Production Companies in NYC are Doing Wrong

5 Things Video Production Companies in NYC are Doing Wrong

It can be tough sorting through the many video production companies in NYC in order to find the very best partner to help produce your videos. Mostly there’s the time investment on your part, but it can also be challenging to pinpoint the qualities you want your video production company to have, and the qualities you don’t want them to have.

If you’ve never worked with a certain company before or if you’ve never created a video before, these five tips can help you understand what many companies are doing wrong…so that you can find the one that’s doing it right!

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1. They’re Not Getting to Know You

Think about how much time you put into finding a video production company you’d like to work with. You study their website, you meet them, and perhaps even speak with their existing clients. As important as it is for you to get to know them, it’s just as important that they invest the time in getting to know you. The more they know about you, the more they can help set you, and your video, up for success!

A production company should be invested in trying to understand who you are, as well as what your professional goals are, what audience you intend to reach and what desired outcome you have for your video. It doesn’t hurt if they also know your interests, hobbies, or favorite Game of Thrones character!

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2. They Haven’t Asked Enough Questions

When you’re not an expert on something, you hire the expert…right? And experts should know that there are things you don’t know, and there are even things they might not know. A video production expert should ask as many questions as possible to try to uncover key information that you both may not realize is relevant or crucial.

If you’ve started reaching out to video production companies in NYC, you’ll want to find one that leads you through a lengthy discovery process to ensure that they fully understand your needs as well as all specifics of your desired video production.

Now, this shouldn’t feel like an interrogation. You shouldn’t feel like the FBI is hiding behind a 2-way mirror ready to bust in any moment; but, it should be fairly thorough and should even help you learn and understand more about the production process.

Dare I say, it could even be…fun! Knowledge is power, and as your trusted production partner leads you in a discovery questionnaire, you’ll start to feel a better sense of control over your project, and that much more prepared for the next steps in production.

video production companies nyc

3. They Haven’t Established Clear Roles

Video productions have quite a few phases as well as moving parts that are all subject to change as you progress through the process. Early on, it’s crucial that you know who is driving what aspect of the project. Who is leading the production and who does the crew turn to for ultimate decision-making and direction?

This becomes important early on in pre-production, as team members take on different roles of ownership. It is also especially important during the production where decisions and creative judgments may need to be made on the spot. Be sure that you and your video production provider discuss everyone’s roles and who is making the creative and strategic decisions in each process of the project’s production.

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4. Their Communication With You Fades

When you start working with a video production company in NYC, there will be a lot of contact as you meet and discuss your goals, ideas, the process and, of course, your budget and the project’s estimate. Likewise, as you enter pre-production there is a lot of planning and cooperation to get everything ready for the exciting production day. But what about afterward?

Once your footage is captured, and you enter the post-production phase, your team will take all footage and assets back to their studio and computers, and they will start working toward an initial version of your video. This can take a couple of weeks as they offload footage, and perform editing, which includes working with any graphics or photos, live audio tracks, music or sound effects, or any related special effects or corrections.

During this time, your video production company should give you a clear idea of when they will have a first cut for you to see, and be able to provide you with an update as they near that date or if you reach out and inquire on the progress.

video production companies nyc

5. They Haven’t Checked Back With You

With so many video production companies available in NYC, it a great benefit to you if you can find the one that wishes to partner with you and shows an ongoing interest in your success. Once your video production is complete, your provider should not simply step out of the scene.

They should understand how and when you plan to distribute your video, and reappear to check up on the video’s performance. Given this feedback they can help make recommendations on how to tweak the existing video, or what new content you can create from leftover footage or to coordinate with your current video.

A trusted video production partner should be interested in forming a longer term relationship with you because it only helps your projects become more successful, therefore benefiting the both of you!
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