5 Tips On How To Nurture New Leads With Video

5 Tips On How To Nurture New Leads With Video

Video has proven to be one of the most effective tools for achieving just about any professional goal: to nurture new leads, enhance SEO, bolster brand awareness and trust, prompt conversions and much more.

Video is a major asset to sales, marketing, operations and more. It’s engaging and increases information retention. In our modern age of connecting via digital, social and mobile channels, video also offers us a way to show true-to-life imagery and create a more personal connection.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should absolutely use video to nurture new leads. Here are 5 tips on doing just that:

nurture new leads1. Make A Great Introduction

We are living in a time where it’s not just rock stars and celebrities that have their own videos – any and every individual, business or brand can have a video created that shows what they’re all about in a style that represents them appropriately.

If you’re in sales or business development, your personal connections are everything! Use video to show your personality, your expressions, your friendliness and more. Or create a bio video that delivers ordinarily stiff credentials in an engaging, stylistic way.

Good Morning Earl,  It was great to meet you briefly at the seminar last week. You can learn a bit more about me in my bio video, below.  I’d like to learn more about what you do as well. Let’s set a time to talk.

2. Follow Up With Specifics They Care About

After you’ve made an initial introduction, it’s ideal to follow up with something that is more specific to the interests or concerns of your new lead. For example, you could follow up with an example of how you helped another customer in a similar way, sharing a testimonial or case study video; or share a product overview or demo video, so they can see more features or how something works.

Hi Sandy!  Last time we spoke I told you about the great work programs we have in our community. I’d love for you to take a look at this short video to see how we are changing lives in NJ…

3. Keep Them In The Fold

After making an introduction and sending them some information pertinent to their interests or needs, you’ll want another low-pressure way of touching base that keeps them engaged or re-ignites their interest in what you may have to offer.

Show them something they haven’t seen yet, such as a video related to a brand new product launch or video highlights from a recent, exciting event.  Or, follow up with an entertaining and educational video newsletter, and encourage them to sign up to receive ongoing newsletters as well.

Good Morning James,  We missed you at the Gala last week, sorry you couldn’t make it! The venue was stunning, the food amazing, and (most importantly) we reached our fundraising goal for the year. Check out the recap! We look forward to seeing you at the next one in September! 

4. Diversify Their Destinations

You should of course avoid being repetitive with your efforts, so try to mix up the type of content you send them, as well as the destination you’d like them to visit.

For example, have a plan for sending them to different videos hosted on different pages of your company website, such as: team or personal bio pages, about the company page, products or services, or a campaign-specific landing page.

This shows how active your business is, and targets different aspects of connecting with your new lead – from providing information to building trust and more.

5. Getting Started

One of the best ways to nurture new leads, as you can see above, is to have a variety of video content. It can seem overwhelming to know where to begin, and may seem time-consuming to create all the content you need.

But, this can be achieved a step at a time, in an ongoing fashion. Simply start at the beginning with general, personal introductions as well as a company or brand overview, which is also a good introductory piece of content.

Then ask yourself, your sales team OR the prospective customer: what do they most want to see or know next? The information that is captured from each initial discussion can be parlayed into creating video content to nurture them from that point on.

Start by making the content applicable for a variety of viewers and narrow down more specific content to help target and convert those final concerns. A video production agency can help you create this strategy and build upon it as time goes on, until you have the perfect video content strategy for nurturing new leads!

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